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Year 7

Welcome to our Year 7 Class Page!!!

We have 30 pupils in our class and Miss McKiernan is our teacher.

We hope that you enjoy seeing what we get up to in Year 7 this year.


Article 28 states that,

’Every child has the right to an education’

Article 14 ‘Every child has the right to freedom of thought,belief and religion’

The Derry Catechetical Centre provided us with a four day online series of Confirmation Preparation Sesions to help us prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. This  is a very special time in the faith journey of our Year 7 Pupils and we learned so much this week.

In Confirmation the Year 7 Pupils will receive the Holy Spirit who  will guide them in their journey to and through adulthood.

The sessions were led by Therese Ferry and Mary but Bishop Donal McKeown, Fr Paul Farren along with other special guests made appearances during the week to lead us in prayer or share their experiences with us.

We thank all involved in this excellent programme.

Mr and Mrs Claus arrive in style to St.Columba’s PS!

Festive Art Tasks

We enjoy participating in our daily Maths Mastery Lessons. 

We are solving  Fraction Problems this week!

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone!

Article 31

’Every child has the right to relax and play’

European Day of Languages 2021

Article 30: ‘Every child has the right to learn and use the  language,customs and religion of their family...’

Work in progress!

We are designing and making Board Games to get reacquainted with our UNICEF Articles. We have had to work together as a team to plan and design our games.We have had to use lots of skills to communicate with each other,use our personal talents and assign responsibilities within our groups.

Enjoying our PE lessons in the MUGA

Enjoying our Maths Mastery Lesson