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Useful Information!


Our enrolment is in line with the Admissions Policy drawn up by the Board of Governors. Admissions criteria for our school can be found on the EA website at  Here you will find a Schools' Directory where you can view, download or print the admissions criteria for St. Columba's P.S. and Nursery Unit. We can facilitate the use of a reference booklet containing the same information in school if you cannot access the information via the website. Please contact Mrs Mellon in our School Office (028 295 40273).


Applications should be made digitally.  You can therefore apply on-line between 12noon on 07/01/20 and 12noon on the 30/01/20.  If you are unable to apply on-line, paper applications will be available on request from our school or EA.  But it must be stressed these will only be given in extreme circumstances.  Visit - or phone us directly on 028 295 40273.


School Holidays

All school holidays are listed on the calendar tab on our school website. These dates may be subject to change and are updated regularly.                       

St Columba's Primary School, Kilrea

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Our girls' uniform consists of a blue shirt, school tie, grey skirt/pinafore, grey/black tights/grey socks and dark coloured trainers.


Our boys' uniform consists of a blue shirt, school tie, grey trousers, school sweatshirt and dark coloured trainers.


Our school jumpers can be purchased from:

 J & M Clothing,

11 Laragh Road


BT46 5NS

TEL:   028 79401855


Our school ties can be purchased from the school office.


All other items of uniform may be purchased in Asda, Tescos, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers, Dunnes or any other uniform retailer.


Further Uniform Options (Easter - Hallowe'en)


To allow for extra comfort on warm days, boys are permitted to wear grey shorts, of similar style to their grey trousers, and grey socks. 




Girls are permitted to wear a light blue gingham style summer dress with white socks.





School Day  


Pupils should arrive at school for 9.00am. 

You are asked to have your child in school on time.  The staff will provide supervision from 8.45am.

Please Note: There is NO supervision of children who arrive before this time.



  9.00am – 12.15pm                  Morning Session


10.30am - 10.45am                  Morning break (supervised)


12.00pm - 12.45pm                 Year 1/2/3/6 lunchtime

12.15pm - 12.55pm                  Year 4/5/7 lunchtime


12.45pm - 2.00pm                     Afternoon Session - Years 1 and 2


12.45pm/12.55pm - 3.00pm     Afternoon Session - Years 3 - 7



As parents you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your children attend school regularly and what you may think is a satisfactory level of attendance may be seen very differently by the Department of Education whose guidelines describe 95% attendance as satisfactory and 90% as poor.  Irregular attendance, without a genuine reason, is unfair to your child as he/she will have difficulty catching up with what was missed and this type of attendance shows your child that his/her education is not valued by you.  If your child is unwell it is best for him/her to remain at home. 


Please Note:  In addition to the child’s home telephone number at least one other contact person and telephone number must be available in the event of illness or emergency. 

Please notify the school of any change of number.


Parents are asked to arrange medical/dental appointments, holidays etc outside school times to avoid absences and disruption to your child’s education.  It is unfair to disrupt your child’s education and it is very difficult for your child to catch up.


If your child is late in coming to school the Secretary must be advised as attendance records are kept on computer. 


On your child’s return to school following absence they will receive an absence form.  It should be completed and returned to school, giving the reason for the absence.  This information is required by the Education Welfare Officer (E.W.O.) who regularly monitors attendance.

Children's meals


Children may have dinner or a packed lunch.


As some pupils are allergic to peanuts it is vital that  peanuts or any foods containing peanuts are not brought into school.



Pupils having school dinner should pay for the week on the first day of the school week.  Dinners are £2.60 per day.  Please ensure the correct money is sent with your child.

A menu showing what is available for dinners each month will be given to your child and also displayed in the entrance hall.  As St Columba’s P.S. is a Health Promoting School the dinner provided is in keeping with relevant guidance from NEELB. 



Please Note: St Columba’s PS is a Health Promoting School. Parents are asked to support its policy by providing Healthy Lunch options.

“Junk Foods” should not be included in lunches.  Lunches should not include fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate, chocolate bars/biscuits or similar sugary type items. 

Treats are to be limited to Fridays only.

Your child will enjoy and benefit form a healthier lifestyle.


Lunches and drinks should be packed separately from books to avoid damage in the event of spills.  Your child’s name should be clearly marked on his/her lunch box.