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Visions and Values

St Columba’s is a Catholic school and as such is an extension of the Catholic home.  It is in their homes that our pupils first experience the Catholic way of life in practice.


In St Columba’s one of our main aims is to promote values and a way of life in keeping with our shared faith and aspirations.  The staff members firmly believe the total atmosphere in the school is very important for the positive growth of each child.  Staff members recognise that our faith must be evident throughout the teaching programme and reflected in the school’s pastoral care provision.


The members of staff of St Columba’s are responsive and sympathetic to the individual needs and aibilities of our pupils and aim to:-


  • help your child develop values, beliefs and attitudes in keeping with our Catholic faith;
  • recognise your child’s individuality, talents and potential;
  • provide your child with a broad and balanced education in keeping with the requirements of the N.I. curriculum.
  • promote the development of your child’s self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline;
  • encourage your child’s understanding of each person’s present and future role as a valued and contributing member of our community;
  • encourage your child to be aware of and respect the immediate environment leading to a better understanding of the widening world and its resources;
  • encourage in your child a sense of community with tolerance and respect for others who differ in religion, culture, social background or nationality;
  • help your child develop an open, enquiring mind and the ability to question and make informed decisions;
  • help your child to value the importance of personal health