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Digital Leaders

📱💻 Digital Leaders 💻📱 


Our Digital Leaders' role is to share their ICT knowledge and experience and provide support to fellow pupils during ICT based activities.  These children also aid the daily management of ICT equipment in our school.  


Article 29: ' Education must develop every child's personality, talents and abilities to the full.'



Key Dates coming up!


  • Code Week - 9th - 24th October 2021.  During 'Code Week' this year, we are participating in the 'Hour of Code'. 
  • Safer Internet Day - 8th February 2022

Safer Internet Day 

Tuesday 9th February 2021


An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world


The pupils of St. Columba’s celebrated Safer Internet Day a little differently today. This year’s theme, ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’ was explored through participation in a range of activities throughout all classes. Now, more than ever, we are all spending more time on line. The importance and significance of celebrating together has never been greater!


Article 16: You have the right to privacy.

Article 19: You have the right to be protected from being hurt, in body or mind.

Article 8: You have the right to protect your identity.

Article 17: You have the right to access information from a variety of sources. 

Safer Internet Day 2020

We celebrated Safer Internet Day on 11th February 2020. Our Digital Leaders led all pupils in Assembly on the importance of staying safe online, then each class completed tasks focusing on this year's Safer Internet Day theme 'Together for a better Internet'.  #freetobe



'You have the right to get information that is important to your well-being...'

Article 17


'You have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, in body or in mind'.

Article 19