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Welcome to our Nursery. Our teacher is Mrs McCormick and our classroom assistant is Mrs McCloskey. There are 26 children in our class. 

We use a visual timetable to help us focus and concentrate in Nursery. This helps to develop our listening skills. We also discuss the weather and we learn the names of the seasons and the days of the week. Fifi, our Rights Respecting Fairy ensures that we learn in an environment of fun, kindness and safety. 

Article 28 states, “ Every child has the right to a quality education.”

Fifi our Rights Respecting Fairy tells us all about our RIGHTS!


Article 42: You have the right to know your rights! Adults should know about these rights and help you learn about them, too.

We have enjoyed a wonderful variety of play activities, both inside and outside our Nursery. Have a look and see. 

Article 31: You have the right to rest, have leisure, play and participate in cultural and artistic activities.

In September we are making new friends and settling into Nursery life. We learn about routines. We become more independent with our name, symbol and coats. 

Article 29 states that “Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.” 

We take every opportunity to develop all our skills. Look at how we are learning to dress and undress with our waterproof trousers and wellingtons. 👏🏼👏🏼😁

We love to listen to stories in Nursery. Our teacher reads stories every day. 

Article 17: You have the right to get information that is important to your well-being

We love to play outside. We have fresh air and outdoor play activities every day. We also explore our garden on a Tuesday and a Thursday. 

Article 24 states that “Every child has the right to the best possible health.....”


Article 31 states that "You have the right to rest, have leisure, play and participate in cultural and artistic activities."

We are all Special. 

Article 7 states that “ Every child has the right to a legal name.” 

In Nursery we are exploring colour and pattern. 

We have also begun to learn about different shapes. There are lots of shapes in our environment. 

Article 29: Education should develop your personality, talents, mental and physical abilities.

🍞🍞We eat snack every day. Our snack is very healthy. It is also tasty. We also have a drink of milk or water. 🍎🍎

Article 24 states "You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food,"


Article 27 states "You have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met."

In October we are learning all about ourselves through the topic “All About Me”. 

Article 3 states that “The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all things that affect children.”

October is the month of the Rosary. We have been saying the Hail Mary together in Nursery. 

We will learn to bless ourselves and say our morning prayer too. 

Article 30: You have a right to learn and use the traditions, religion and language of your family.

🎈🍎World Maths Week. 🍎🎈

Article 29: Education should develop your personality, talents, mental and physical abilities.

🐘🐘We used the linking elephants to make patterns and to learn about colour. 🐘🐘

Article 31 states that "Every child has the right to relax and play."

 Happy Hallowe’en 🎃🎃

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities

In November our topic is Autumn. 

We will learn about hibernation, migration and the season of Autumn through story and song. 

Article 28: You have the right to a good quality education.

🍁Autumn Leaves are falling down🍁

To explore the season of Autumn we went on a walk through our school garden. We looked for the colours of Autumn- red, yellow, orange and brown. 🍂🍁

We painted our own trees. We used our fingers to print the falling leaves.🍁🍂

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.

Fruity fun...🍎🍊🍓🍇

Thank you to Nyla’s mummy Orla who brought us in lots of tasty fruit. We had such a variety. Look at all the colours. 

Article 24: You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well.


Article 27: You have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met. 

Anti-bullying Week 19th-23rd November.

United Against Bullying.

We wore odd Socks to Nursery today as part of anti-bullying week. We are all special. We are all friends. 

Article 29 states that "Education should help you to respect other people."

Everyone designed their own sock for odd socks day. 

Article 19 states that "Children should be protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment."

We discussed the topic of Friendship during Anti-bullying Week. We made handprints to represent the hand of friendship towards others. 

Article 12 states that "Every child has the right to express their views."

🍁🍂November Displays🍁🍂

Article 12 states that "Every child has the right to have a say."

Article 13: You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

World Nursery Rhyme Week 16th-20th November.


Article 29: Education should develop your personality, talents, mental and physical abilities.

Norah, Nyla and Noah completed beautiful creative work. Well done. 👏🏼



🎄Merry Christmas from Nursery.🎄

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.

Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄

⭐️Baking Shortbread with Mrs McCloskey.⭐️

We read the story of the Nativity and we made a collage of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem on the Donkey. 

A great morning in Nursery. We sang “Little Donkey” on the stage in school. It was great fun. We all sang so well. 


Still image for this video

Christmas Jumper Day 🎅🏻🎄

We had great fun outdoors on our wheeled toys. We wore our Christmas jumpers. 

🥧 Counting Mince Pies 🥧 

Candy Cane Creative Art. 🎄

We used our finger print to make a pattern and to decorate our candy canes. We will hang them on our Christmas tree at home. 🎄

Home Learning by Nursery. ❄️❄️

January 2021.

❄️❄️Winter Wonderland❄️❄️

We decorated Winter Trees. We had a winter walk. The trees were bare. We decided to add snow to our winter trees.❄️❄️

🧤We are learning about warm clothes. These clothes keep us warm in Winter. We made sets of hats, gloves, scarves and coats.🧣

123 We are learning to count. We recognise numbers 1 to 6. We can make sets of these by ourselves. Look! 456. 

Article 14 states that every child has the right to practice his or her religion. 

❄️Outdoor fun ❄️

🐧 We are learning about animals who live in the cold in Winter. We made penguins. Penguins love the snow... ❄️🐧

⛄️ We are building on our scissor control. Look how well we can cut. We cut out a snowman. ⛄️

Lots of boys and girls have been eating their healthy fruit like we do in Nursery. Others have been sending in photos of great cooking experiences. Well done everyone. 

We have been so busy working on our colour, matching and pencil control ✏️✏️

❄️❄️We made bird feeders for the birds who will be hungry in Winter.❄️❄️

🐻🐻Our Teddy Bear Caves.🐻🐻 

🍓We made healthy fruit bowls as part of our picnic. 🍎

❄️❄️We enjoyed lots of snow fun.☃️☃️

We designed our own snowmen ⛄️ and decorated our own snowflakes. This exercise taught us about shape and built on our scissor control. 


In our early mathematical development we are learning about size. We are exploring “big” and


🦒Spotty 7.🦒

Everyone made different sets of 7. There are some great sets of different materials used to count up to number 7. 

Our Mindfulness 🧘‍♀️ Yoga

During Lockdown lots of children enjoyed yoga on a Monday.

Noah’s Yoga every Monday. 

Catholic School’s Week 2021. 

Article 14 states that every child has the right to practice their own religion.....

🙏Every child should be able to bless themselves by the end of their year in Nursery. 🙏

🍵 Winter Potato and Leek Soup. 🥔

Mrs  McCloskey sent us her recipe for her beautiful potato and leek soup. Thank you to all the pupils who made it at home. It was delicious. 


Still image for this video

What fillings did you put in your sandwich or warm toastie?

🍊🍎Fruity Friday’s🍌🍇

🍌🍇Look at the fabulous selection of fruity Friday treats.......🍎🥝

Grandparents Day 2021

We love our Grandparents. 💗

Thank you to all the wonderful grandparents that we have. Our grandparents are so kind to us. We love our grandparents. 

💗We all deserved to be loved, looked after and cared for.💗

❄️January, February, March and April.........December. These are the months of the Year.❄️

🎶We are learning the Months of the year in Nursery. We know a lovely song to help us.......🎶

👨🏻‍🚒👩🏼‍⚕️People Who Help Us.👩🏼‍💼👨‍🔧

Our February topic.

St Brigid’s Day 1st February. 

Look at all the different materials that children used to make their Saint Brigid’s Crosses. 

🌱We also talked about the signs of Spring...... Look at the beautiful snowdrops growing in our gardens. 🌱

Our topic in February is People Who Help Us. We always talk about the most important people first. 

👨‍👧Our Parents are very special. They are people who help us.....👨‍👩‍👧

🙍🏻‍♀️Our teachers are people who help us...🙎‍♀️

🍎Our teachers 🍎

🎈Mrs Kielt Our Principal 🎈

🗑Bridie Our Caretaker🧹

👦It is Children’s Mental Health Week 1st-7th February. We are learning about how we keep our minds and bodies healthy.👧

 Thankful Tuesday. 

We say thank you to our mummy’s and daddy’s for all the wonderful things they do for us. 

We all have wonderful friends in Nursery. We miss our friends. Our friends make us happy. We have fun together. 

Here are some of the ways we look after ourselves too....

Small, smaller and smallest....... we continue to learn the language of size.

Home Learning is fun.... 😁

🚒The Firefighters at the Fire Station.🚒

We built fire engines and fire stations. We drew pictures and some of us even visited the fire station. 

8️⃣Amazing 8.8️⃣

Fabulous sets of 8..... look at all the different materials we used. 

👩🏼‍⚕️The doctor is a person who helps us👨🏼‍⚕️

Aoife’s daddy is a doctor. He very kindly made a video to tell us all about his job. Aoife helped him. She sorted all his equipment for the video. 

🖥Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February 🖥

We learn about the dangers of strangers and how to keep ourselves safe in our community. 

Well-being Wednesday 

🚑Ness the Nurse.🚑

Thank you to Katie’s mummy Lisa. She sent us a photo of her uniform. 

🚖The Lollipop Person🚘

💗Happy Valentine’s Day.💗

💗Mrs McCloskey’s Valentine Shortbread 💗

Our Lenten Promises.

There are lots of fun times at home. Look! 

🥞Pancake Tuesday.🥞

🏠🛠 On the Construction Site.🔩🧰

The Dentist is a person who helps us. The dentist tells us how to brush our teeth. 

🐘 Naughty Nine.🐘

We are learning about Prepositions.

Brilliant prepositions Connie. Well done.

1️⃣Making 1 is lots of fun.1️⃣

📮The Post person is a person who helps us. They deliver our letters and parcels.✉️📦

 🐥March 🐥

🌷Growth in Spring.🌷

 Half a heart means I love You,

Add a line, you have a 2.

1️⃣0️⃣ Sets of Tiger 10.1️⃣0️⃣

Our Preposition “Under”. 

🌼Spring Colours.🌸

🌼Examining the World Around Us.🌸

🍫Fairtrade Fortnight 🍫

🌏World Maths Day.🌏

Wednesday 3rd March.


📚World Book Day 

Thursday 4th March 📚

📚Back Where We Belong.🖍

We are so delighted to be back at Nursery. 

👫Fun with Friends.👫

☀️We missed all our friends. We have enjoyed time catching up, settling back to play and fun outdoors.☀️

 🌸Our Wonderful Mummies.🌸

Happy Mother’s Day.

🧁We made cupcakes using our handprints. We decorated the cupcake too. 🧁

💝 We used lots of mathematical language to measure the ingredients for our Mother’s Day shortbread. 💝

☘️Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.☘️

Marlena made “green” cake for Saint Patrick’s Day. 

We are very lucky to have a beautiful Nursery garden. We explore and play in our garden every week. There are so many things to do. We can climb, dig, plant, play in the mud kitchen, catch a bus..... or just enjoy the fresh air. 

🐰Happy Easter Everyone 🐰

In Holy Week we talked about Jesus and what happened to him on Good Friday, and how He rose again on Easter Sunday. 

We love to bake and cook in Nursery. We made Easter Nests. We discussed what ingredients we needed and what equipment was required. 

☀️Term 3☀️

Our topic for April is “Food”. 

It is Spring. We are learning about the season of Spring and the changes that happen. We use our Nursery garden to help support our learning. 

🥪We made our own sandwiches. We buttered our own bread and choose our fillings. We ate our sandwiches for our snack. They tasted very good. 🥪

For Sustrans Big Pedal Nursery have been walking, scooting and cycling to school. Well done Nursery. 

☀️The Nursery love their garden area. They play, learn and explore in this area every week. For Earth Day they talked about keeping the gardener clean. Nursery know that rubbish in the garden is not good. We look after our school garden and keep it clean. ☀️

✏️We are beginning to form the letters in our names.✏️

🌸The Month of May.🌸

We have been learning about different minibeasts. We know a variety of songs too. Our favourite is “There’s a worm at the Bottom of my Garden.” We have searched for minibeasts in our Nursery garden. 

☀️Joyful June.☀️

Our topic for the month of June is “Under the Sea”. We have learned about creatures that live in the sea, activities on the beach, creatures that are found on the beach and different types of boats that are found on the water and in the water. We have listened to the song “The Yellow Submarine”. 

🦀🐳🦈 This is just one of the many super books that we read together and explored in our library on our topic.🐙🦐🐡

We celebrated Saint Columba’s Day in Nursery. 

🥪🐻We had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. We brought our favourite teddies to Nursery. We made our own sandwiches. There was a lot of mathematical language used. We developed our fine motor skills too. We ate our sandwiches in the garden, and we had lots of exercise. It was great fun.🐻🥪

Article 24 states that every child has the right to the best possible health.........

🍎🥪We had a healthy sandwich and fruit but we also had treats. We shared together.🥪🍏

🥇Sports Day in Nursery was such fun. Every child took part and did their best. Well done Nursery.🥇

⚽️Father’s Day.⚽️

We all hope that our dad’s have a “dinotastic” Father’s Day. We love our dad’s. 🎈

Nursery had two transition visits to Year 1 with Miss Coyle. They had two very exciting mornings and really enjoyed their time in their new classroom. This is a great opportunity to prepare for September. 

🎓What a brilliant Graduation! Nursery had a wonderful morning. They had a bouncy castle, thanks to Ciaran Og’s parents, and their own special lunch box picnic. Mrs Kielt came over to congratulate them and give them their certificates. They are all ready for Year 1 now. 🎓

☀️Article 28 states that every child has the right to a good quality education and I think that you would agree that our Nursery children have had a great experience in our school this year despite all the changes that they have encountered. Well done boys and girls, and thank you to all our parents. Have a great Summer.☀️