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Introduction and Rationale

 In St. Columba’s Primary School and Nursery Unit, we are very proud of the various platforms, forums and outlets, which we have created, in order to enable the voice of the child to be heard on so many levels about so many issues and across so many subject areas.

We have been able to retain all of our important groups except unfortunately for our Buddies which will be back hopefully post this awful Pandemic. In February 2020 the Inspection team which visited our school wrote:


E.T.I.   Report March 2020

“The school’s participation in the Rights Respecting Schools Award is core to the work of the school, impacting positively on its ethos and on the children’s learning experiences and their aspirations and expectations.  The children are empowered, through understanding, speaking and promoting the rights respecting language of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, to work in partnership with the staff and to be listened to in matters that affect them.  The children are well-informed about current affairs and news items and make clear the links between what they learn in school and the world around them using rights respecting language.  They respond with empathy and maturity to local and international issues and through charity initiatives have learned how to help those children who are much less fortunate.  Consequently, they benefit from opportunities that place learning in real and relevant contexts which also develop their inter-personal and leadership skills.”

Since becoming a Gold Rights Respecting School earler this year, we will be doubling our efforts to ensure that the voices of our children are heard loudly and clearly into 2022 and beyond. 



Celine Kielt


(Normally we would allow our children to elect members from all key stages to participate in/across the various groups, but due to the ongoing Pandemic Year groups are the safest way to ensure that children remain safe and still share their thoughts and ideas and let their voice be heard)


Our groups consist of our:


School Council -  Year 6 - Teacher facilitator -  Mrs Martin

Rights Respecting Ambassadors - Year 5 –Teacher facilitator – Miss McKenna

Anti-Bullying / Well-Being Ambassadors Ambassadors – Year 7 -Teacher facilitator – Miss Mc Kiernan

ECO Council – Year 4 - Teacher facilitator - Mrs Mc Guckin

Digital Leaders – Year 5 –Teacher facilitators -  Mrs Keenan/Miss McAleese