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Online Safety

What Is The Internet?

The Internet is a huge network of computers making a worldwide community.
It is a way of connecting computers together so that people using them can:


-Talk to each other and have fun

-Send and receive messages

-Obtain information and resources

-Publish information

-Buy and sell things



Why Do We Use The Internet In School?

The Internet is a unique and exciting resource.
It brings the world into the classroom.
It has many educational benefits:


-It gives children opportunities to find up to date information that might otherwise be unavailable in school

-It provides fast and efficient communication

It encourages independent learning and children enjoy using it

-Use of the Internet is an essential skill for children as they grow up in the modern world

What Are The Dangers For My Child Using The Internet?

The Internet is available to all. This can bring young people into contact with unsuitable persons.

Children should be taught:

-People they encounter on the Internet are not always who they say they are

-That they should never give personal details to a stranger on the Internet

-That they should never meet alone anyone contacted via the Internet 



What Can We Do In School?

In our school we do everything we can to protect children using the Internet:

-All access to the Internet is provided through a filtered service

-Internet use is supervised by an adult

-Children discuss and investigate Internet Safety issues as part of their PDMU programme.

-Children are taught Internet Safety Rules

What Can You Do At Home?

It is important to promote Internet Safety in the home

and to take an interest in what your children are doing on the Internet.


-Keep the computer in an area of your home where you can see your child using it

-Keep an eye on the clock! Too much time spent on the Internet can be unhealthy

-Remind children that there are websites which are unsuitable.If they come across unsuitable materials, they must tell you ---Know the SMART rules for Internet safety and discuss them with your children 

SMART online safety rules poster