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May is the Month of Mary

Boys and girls,

May is the month of Mary.  As you know, she was a very special woman because she was chosen by God to be the mother of his son Jesus. Below you can see the May altar just outside Mrs Kielt’s office. On the wall behind there are different pictures of Mary and the prayer “The Hail Mary” is written in English, Irish and Spanish. There is a statue of Mary surrounded by flowers, rosary beads, books, prayers and holy water. Why not have a go at making a little May altar in your house? You don’t need much. You could be very creative and either make your own Mary or draw a picture. You could make the flowers too or pick some wild daisies. You could write your prayer in Polish, German or any language you want. Just be as creative as you wish. We’d love to see a photograph of your May altar. Please send these to your teacher via SeeSaw. Every day in May you could go to the altar and say a Hail Mary for all the people who are sick and for all the people who care for them. 🙏🏻