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Important Information for Year 7 Leavers


Following strict guidance from the Education Authority, we have decided that the best possible scenario for engagement with our Year 7 pupils will be on an individual basis. 

“Under current public health regulations, pupils should not be on school premises, unless a school is providing supervising learning centre for children of Key Worker and Vulnerable children and the pupils attending fall into these categories. In respect of schools having celebrations for their P7 leavers, the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020, currently permit the meeting up of friends or family outdoors, up to a maximum of six people, who must maintain at least 2 metres distance and maintain hand and respiratory hygiene practices. Schools should not be arranging P7 leaver celebrations which would breach these regulations. EA’s legal advice is that such gatherings of pupils and staff at this time would constitute a breach of legislation and public health guidance”

Therefore, we have decided that each Year 7 pupil (dressed in full uniform) and their parents(s)/guardians(s), will be invited on the afternoon of Fri 19th June (weather permitting) at an allocated time to the front of the building, where we will exchange our goodbyes.  

We sincerely regret the fact that this wonderful group of year 7 pupils has not been able to experience the joy, which is synonymous with ending their Primary school years.  However, everyone’s health and well-being is paramount at this time.